Monday, 27 February 2017

Winner Winner

In my previous post I wrote about the virtues of seeking out sun to break away from the brutal Canadian winters I fall victim to yearly.  It’s not all doom and gloom up here all winter however.  One of the few redeeming events that takes place in Canada every winter is Tim Horton’s “Roll up the Rim” contest.  Tim Hortons is a coffee chain that saturates the Canadian landscape from coast to coast.  It’s a tradition up here that’s been taking place now for 30 years.  Unfortunately for me this year’s edition of the contest hasn’t been too fruitful to my morale.  It’s been an endless losing streak filled with disappointment whenever the words “Please Try Again” appear upon my rim rollings. 

Funny enough a family get together over the weekend revealed a similar consensus about the contest amongst us.  That being a long line of losses since the event began two weeks ago.  We discussed conspiracy theories about winning coffee cups being front loaded at the beginning of the contest to create a buzz within the caffeine addiction community.  Funny what a constant stream of losing will do to the imagination.

But alas, the conspiracies can come to a rest for today at least.  I’ll let Alex Jones run with those.  This morning after enjoying a hot cup of black coffee I rolled up my rim and I can now finally declare myself a winner.  For a few minutes today this Canadian winter I’m currently living through became tolerable.

There's no guarantee I'll survive the rest of this winter, but for a few hours today the extra caffeine this free coffee will provide me with will definitely help.


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