Sunday, 19 February 2017

Hello Again

A couple of times a year I go through a review of my monthly expenses and like most people I try to cut costs that seem unnecessary.   A few months ago one of those expenses that contributed to the drain of my resources was my blog costs.  It wasn't much to be honest but it was one of the many recurring costs that was bloating my credit card on a monthly basis. I seem to be a collector of recurring costs for some reason and I bet I'm not the only one.  They have become the new in vogue budget killers.  So with that information I asked myself why was I paying for a website I only post to a handful of times a year and cancelled it.

And then a few months later it dawned on me...

Writing can be fun.   Writing can be therapeutic.   Writing can be a creative outlet -- even if it's only for yourself -- to decipher and perhaps better understand thoughts that are bouncing around in your head.   It's a creative mechanism that I enjoy diving into on occasion and today I got the itch.  There was a little problem however.  My tiny misused writing spot in the big online world was gone.   My cheapness slayed it for the credit card swelling dragon it had become.

But wait Glenn... didn't you have a...

I remembered I had a blogspot account somewhere, I tracked it down and decided to give it a try again.  So here it is, my crappy little - now free - website is back online.  If you find yourself bored out of your mind one day and are looking for bad advice and / or long winded misguided points of view this is is the destination for you.

So hello again!   I plan to stick around here for a while or at the very least until this free blog site drives me nuts and I start paying for it again. (That sounded filthy somehow).  Let's see what happens.

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